qutebrowser A keyboard-driven browser.

qutebrowser's primary maintainer, The-Compiler, is currently working part-time on qutebrowser, funded by donations.

To sustain this for a long time, your help is needed! See the GitHub Sponsors page for more information. Depending on your sign-up date and how long you keep a certain level, you can get qutebrowser t-shirts, stickers and more!

qutebrowser quickstart

This page will only appear on the first start. To view it at a later time, use the :help command.

Basic keybindings to get you started

  • Use the arrow keys or hjkl to move around a webpage (vim-like syntax is used in quite a few places)

  • To go to a new webpage, press o, then type a url, then press Enter (Use O to open the url in a new tab, go to edit the current URL)

  • If what you’ve typed isn’t a url, then a search engine will be used instead (DuckDuckGo, by default)

  • To switch between tabs, use J (next tab) and K (previous tab), or press <Alt-num>, where num is the position of the tab to switch to

  • To close the current tab, press d (and press u to undo closing a tab)

  • Use H and L to go back and forth in the history

  • To click on something without using the mouse, press f to show the hints, then type the keys next to what you want to click on (if that sounds weird, then just try pressing f and see what happens)

  • Press : to show the commandline

  • To search in a page, press /, type the phrase to search for, then press Enter. Use n and N to go back and forth through the matches, and press Esc to stop doing the search.

  • To close qutebrowser, press Alt-F4, or :q, or :wq to save the currently open tabs and quit (note that in the settings you can make qutebrowser always save the currently open tabs)

What to do now

  • View the key binding cheatsheet to make yourself familiar with the key bindings:
    qutebrowser key binding cheatsheet

  • There’s also a free training course on shortcutfoo for the keybindings - note that you need to be in insert mode (i) for it to work.

  • Run :adblock-update to download adblock lists and activate adblocking.

  • If you just cloned the repository, you’ll need to run scripts/asciidoc2html.py to generate the documentation.

  • Go to the settings page to set up qutebrowser the way you want it.

  • Subscribe to the mailinglist or the announce-only mailinglist.

  • Let me know what features you are missing or things that need (even small!) improvements.

Getting help

If you get stuck, you can get help in multiple ways:


Working on qutebrowser is a very rewarding hobby, but like (nearly) all hobbies it also costs some money. Namely I have to pay for the server and domain, and do occasional hardware upgrades
[It turned out a 160 GB SSD is rather small - the VMs and custom Qt builds I use for testing/developing qutebrowser need about 100 GB of space]

If you want to give me a beer or a pizza back, I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for you to do so. If some other way would be easier for you, please get in touch!